The XP67A Engine+ Upgrade creates the most profitable King Air in the sky. The XP67A delivers higher profits, avoids overhaul unknowns, and the Blackhawk-powered King Air 350 provides the best return on investment in its class.

Blackhawk XP67A Engine+ Upgrade for KA350

$50,000 Avionics Credit



As any experienced aircraft owner knows, overhaul prices are never guaranteed and almost always more than expected. Pratt & Whitney Canada reports overhaul costs for the stock PT6A-60A engines can range between $800,000 and $1,200,000.

By upgrading, there are no financial surprises – it’s all one price. Entire upgrades are performed in about two weeks, getting you back in the air flying farther, faster, and into increased profit margins in no time.

The Overhaul Process:

The Upgrade Process:

  • Engine Overhaul

    (Accessory Gearbox, Gas Generator Section, Power Section, Reduction Gearbox)

    • Engine Disassembled
    • Cleaned
    • Inspected
    • Reassembled
    • Tested
    • Shipped to Installation Agency
  • Additional Engine Accessories Overhauled Including:

    • Fuel Control Unit
    • Fuel Pump
    • Fuel Nozzles
    • Fuel Flow Divider
    • Fuel Oil Heater
    • Constant Speed Governor
    • Heated Tubes
    • Ignition Unit
  • Service Bulletins Reviewed

    • Mandatory Service Bulletins Required to be Installed at Overhaul
    • Optional Service Bulletins Complied with at Operators Discretion

    • (2) Two Factory-New P&WC PT6A-67A Engines
    • (2) Two Factory-New 5-Blade MT Props
  • Brand New Engine Accessories Installed

    • Fuel Control Unit
    • Fuel Pump
    • Fuel Nozzles
    • Fuel Flow Divider
    • Fuel Oil Heater
    • Constant Speed Governor
    • Heated Tubes
    • Ignition Unit
  • Service Bulletins Reviewed

    • All Mandatory and Optional Service Bulletins Included
  • New Enhanced Warranty

    • P&WC 5 Year or 2500 Hour Engine Warranty with Prorated Coverage on Primary Parts through the 3600 TBO

Downtime: 200 hours + rental fees

Additional Considerations: The King Air 350 stock engine has undergone 230 service bulletins and product improvements. An engine overhaul will produce no additional safety benefits or performance improvements and only comes with a 1 to 2 year warranty.

Downtime: 200 hours, no rental fees

Additional Considerations: In addition to the increased performance and cost savings, the XP67A Engine+ Upgrade provides two new engines and equips your aircraft with the latest technology making it a much safer option. Plus the upgrade comes with a new P&WC 5-year or 2500 hour engine warranty.


XP67A Engine+ Upgrade Value

An aircraft’s engines are its primary value center. Engine upgrade investments result in superior resale value compared to overhauled engines. In fact, Blackhawk enjoys the strongest resale value of any engine upgrade on the market.

Operating Cost Savings Calculator

The XP67A Engine+ Upgrade will save you money by decreasing operating costs. Enter your average hours flown per year to find out your estimated annual operating cost savings.



What Owners And Operators Are Saying

  • SEARCA – being the biggest Beechcraft 1900D operator in Colombia and the region – has an important experience with the PT6A-67D engines that power this fleet and that are similar to the XP67A. These engines are powerful and an excellent option for operators flying in hot and high airports and airfields, which is the case of some cities in Colombia such as El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, El Olaya Herrera in Medellín, Pasto and Ipiales among others, where the thermal efficiency of these engines allow us to operate in these kind of airports with the maximum payload and the engine power not at its maximum performance (take off maneuvers with climb power instead of maximum takeoff power). These power settings allow us to operate the engine more efficiently, increasing the durability and decreasing the operating costs. SEARCA is excited to have its King Air 350 powered by the XP67A in order to enjoy the cruise speed and climb performance based on the preliminary data provided by Blackhawk during the flight tests. We were impressed by the performance improvement when we installed the Blackhawk XP52 engines on our King Air 200 and SEARCA expects the XP67A to be just as awesome.

    DANIEL CURBELO Director Comercial de Ingeniería - SEARCA
  • I have 15 years and over 5000 hours of King Air 350 experience. I have had the thought over the years that this may be the finest aircraft ever built. Only one thing could make it better - "more power"! As luck would have it, Blackhawk brought the XP67A modification to market exactly in time for overhaul on the aircraft I fly. Our aircraft is treated like a Suburban with wings - seats full and baggage stacked. On one such occasion (Aspen, summer, loaded), I noted our departure performance closing in on the blank spaces in the handy tab data. That day stuck in my mind when it was time to recommend the XP76A modification to our group. The ability to maintain power as altitude increases applies to more than climb and cruise. Another tremendous advantage to the modification is the increase in value that comes with new engines. New engines with increased aircraft performance make the Blackhawk XP67A modification an obvious choice for my operation. Thank you, Blackhawk, for finally bringing this option to the King Air I fly with pride!

    TOM Operator, King Air 350 - Dallas, TX
  • We demo’d two or three jets leading up to when we found out about the Blackhawk conversion. But we could not find a jet that could do the mission like the King Air 350. When we saw the Blackhawk conversion it was really just a no-brainer for us. The most impressive thing to me as a pilot is the climb. I deployed the vanes to climb above weather and didn’t fall below 1000 feet per minute all the way up. And the boss is very happy, too — we saved 40 minutes from Las Vegas to our hometown of Colombia, MS — a 1200NM trip. The new engines like to fly higher where the speed stays up and the fuel burn goes down. Our overall fuel consumption per trip is about the same. Of course, headwinds aren’t nearly as much of an issue when you have 30 to 35 knots to play with. And the props are so much quieter on the ground we can’t even hear the engines running. From takeoff to climb to cruise — it has all exceeded my expectations and we’re just really happy about the upgrade.

    MATTHEW MILLER Pilot of one of the first Blackhawk XP67A Engine+ Upgrades.


Blackhawk enjoys worldwide market acceptance with the largest installed fleet of upgraded corporate size turboprop aircraft in the world. We stand by our products. Our full customer support department, with on-staff technical support technicians, customer service representatives, and a worldwide distribution and service center network, are standing by 24/7 to support you.

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