Jet Performance at Turboprop Rates

Compared to the stock King Air 350 and business jets like the Citation CJII, the XP67A Engine+ Upgrade provides the best return on investment in its class.

King Air 350

Achieve jet-like performance with turboprop prices.

More flexibility than jets

KA350 vs Jet Pilot Comparison

The King Air 350 can be flown single-pilot where jets require dual-pilot due to increased workload.

More passengers

King Air 350 Passenger Comparison

In addition to the crew, a King Air 350 with full fuel can seat four additional passengers comfortably when compared to the Citation CJII.

Lower variable operating cost

Turboprop vs Jet Operating Cost Comparison

Turboprop versus Jet

Turboprop vs Jet Comparison


With a XP67A Engine+ Upgrade, you receive far more than two new, powerful engines. Each upgrade includes brand new natural composite 5-blade MT Propellers with spinners. Made of highly compressed thin-layered laminated beech wood, with a similar tensile strength as steel, MT propellers are lightweight, low inertia, and offer unlimited service life. Together, this package assures you not only have powerful new engines, but the ability to get the most out of them every time.


Blackhawk enjoys worldwide market acceptance with the largest installed fleet of upgraded corporate size turboprop aircraft in the world. We stand by our products. Our full customer support department, with on-staff technical support technicians, customer service representatives, and a worldwide distribution and service center network, are standing by 24/7 to support you.

Upgrade Today

Experience the best of both worlds: jet-like performance with increased payload and range, all for far less than the cost to operate a jet.

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